Tube Cap


Caps/ Caps with foiling : We can do cap molding facilities. Special decoration on caps as per specificrequest can also be offered such as silver, gold lacquering or hot foiling.

We also manufacture:

  • Round Flip top cap in D25 ,D30 D33 D35 D38 D40 D45 D50 D55 D60 mm
  • Round Screw type caps in D13  D16 D19 D22 D25 D30 D35 D38 D39 D40 D45 D50
  • Oval flip-top cap :D25 D30 D35 D40 D45 D50
  • Oval screw on cap:D30 D35 D40 D45 D50

Meanwhile, we are specialized in caps such as comb cap for our newly launched " COMB TUBES" . If you are interested in tube cap ,Please send us an inquiry.