Tube Material



All of our tubes are Soft Sided, Collapsible, Extruded Polyethylene plastic. 



Depending on if you want your tubes to be soft and flexible or a little stifferand rigid, we have the ability to manufacture all Tube Structures in Low (LDPE) Medium (MDPE) or High (HDPE) Densities. Different kinds of Products also require different tube structures to help maintain the stability of your bulk.


Mono-Layer - Available in all tube colors and finishes, this material is suitable for most products with non active chemicals.   

5-Layer - Available in all tube colors and finishes, this material can replace laminate tubes and is recommended for any products like toothpaste or sunscreen that have active ingredients or essential oils that could potentially become volatile when exposed to heat or pressure sensitive environments.


 Based on our Diagram, our 5-layer tubes have a middle layer called EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol) that is designed to protect your products from volatization & oxidation.  Please test our tubes with your products to ensure the Ingredient Deck you are trying to house will remain stable in our packaging.